June 5 Windsurfing School|鎌倉ウインドサーフィン

June 5 Windsurfing School|鎌倉ウインドサーフィン

  • 年中無休:10:00~18:00



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June 5 Windsurfing School


Welcome to today’s English windsurfing lesson! We’d like to say thank you to all the customers for visiting and taking the lessons. Fareast is perhaps the first shop in Japan to offer regular English windsurfing lessons. It is the vibrant gaijin community and love from our customers that made this come true.
Back to today’s lesson – it started as a sweet beautiful day but gradually turned into a monster.

Calm and peaceful morning – perfect setup for beginner lesson at the start.
After lunch, wind started blowing beyond forecasted level – eventually turned so strong that wave kits start to appear on the beach – anticipation is high from the battle hardened. But for our beginner school it may be too tough. When Jin sensei suggested to call the school early due to strong wind and waves, the response was firm – “Why stop? This is how you improve right?”
Yes my friend. That’s the spirit of windsurfing. The warrior spirit. Constantly pushing the limits, challenging stronger winds and bigger waves. Get crushed, get beaten. And come out stronger than ever.


Pulling it up in 15 knots. No joke.
And don’t forget the most important thing after windsurfing – take good rest.
Thank you and hope to see you again!