It's a stunning a day of Windsurfing !|鎌倉ウインドサーフィン

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It’s a stunning a day of Windsurfing !


It’s Beautiful sunny day in 2018.
Winds starting blow morning time.
We go out Kamakura bay in the morning.
It’s good practice to go upwind.
There are so many wave because of the typhoon and wind swell.

He is coming to Japan from sailing powers, Europe.
However, it can be said that windsurfing has started to practice in Kamakura almost.
He studied the wind little by little with a very good personality,

and today He finally reached the speed of planning!
It was so so fast !

Taking a sail from the outside,
Grabbing a very good wind blow, the board started running at a stretch and lifted it.
He came back to the beach and he was very excited and shook hands!
While being carried over many times afterwards,
He was getting out again with a smile.
He practiced till his legs were camped.